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Research Study: Cancer Support Community

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Project Sponsor:


Project Investigator:
Kara Downey, MSW

Date: July 2021-Agust 2023

Study Purpose

To explore the feasibility and potential benefits of a formal clinical trial peer support program in improving understanding and participation in cancer clinical trials, building upon evidence from similar programs in chronic disease management..

  1. Increase knowledge of clinical trials.

  2. Increase favorable perception of clinical trials.

  3. Increase patient-provider communication of clinical trials.

  4. Increase the likelihood of clinical trial enrollment.



The study revealed positive outcomes associated with participation in the peer support program. Participants reported increased self-reported knowledge of clinical trials, indicating a heightened understanding of the research process. This correlated with a notable improvement in perceptions of clinical trials, suggesting a more favorable view. Importantly, participants were likely to enroll in clinical trials, indicating potential increased participation rates. Additionally, increased communication with healthcare providers about clinical trials was reported, suggesting improved patient-provider dialogue. Overall, participants expressed high satisfaction with the program and endorsed it positively. Notably, a significant relationship was observed between peer mentors sharing personal experiences and program satisfaction, underscoring the importance of personal connections in program effectiveness.


For further information, please contact:
Stephanie Mejia

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